When you move abroad, pack these qualities with you

I listed 10 most helpful qualities to have when you move and live abroad:

    You’ll end up in many situations that ask problem-solving skills and creativity. For example when you are trying to find a new home or help your kids to cope with all the changes, or when you can’t speak the local language and need to get your message through. In addition to all kinds of everyday life moment, for me having portable creative projects (photo graphy, art, cartoons, writing…) has been crucial and helped to make sense of the varying situtations.

    You save yourself with lots of worries if you can see the amusing side of situations! Laugh at your mistakes and smile to other people and their behaviour (good or less good). Sometimes you don’t maybe feel like laughing but try to remember the saying “A good day is a good day, a bad day is a good story. At the end of the day, it’s all good.”  by Glennon Melton, an author/activist/philanthropist. You can even write down or share the funny observations with others to make them more memorable.
    Especially when you are building your social circle, trying to find a job or home or friends for your small kids or yourself – action is needed.  no one will come to pick you up from hom. you need to be active and step out of your comfort zone. Even if you think your language skills are not good enough. Even if you don’t immediately feel a bond, even if. Many times the best things happen when you said yes to a thing that was not comfortable. If you don’t find a group of friends, create a meetup or invite random people to dinner.  You can start small by sending one message or talking to one person, or doing the first project, joining to one club.
    Related to humour, everything is more fun if you look things curiously, observing your surroundings and the behaviour og he people. if you look around with curious eyes the life is much more interesting. Be curious also towards yourself, how you react in certain situations and what changes you are going through.
    “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. “You be you and let others be who they are. Don’t act any roles, they don’t last. Try to Find people that ‘get you’. teet parhaasi mita pystyt ja se riittaa. One of the best advises that my mom has given to me goes a bit like this” Do your best. You can’t do more so that’s enough.”
    do not give up but ask help.
    Smile, be kind. even if you are tired. Try to see other people as your old friends.
  8. FLEXIBILITY, ENJOYING THE CHANGES. Ok, this thing didnt happened as planned, but what good can it bring
  10. SOLIDARITY Treat others around you like they would be your good friends. no matter who they are.

Do you have anything common with the features of a chameleon?


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