Abroadland is about wanderlust and belonging. It’s about looking at this world with awe while building a home within.

This manifests itself in printed products, visual stories and creative services.


Abroadland started with the idea of being the space you enter when you move abroad and start living between cultures. You’ll get to various situations, people and places, and go through many changes and challenges. Sometimes it feels like living multiple lives in one lifetime!

The first concrete thing from Abroadland was the book Greetings from Abroadland – Experiences of Family Life Abroad.

The Founder

Helena Jalanka is ‘a designer, foreigner, mother and many other’. She comes from Finland and lives now in Switzerland with her husband and their two school-age sons. Previously the family lived also in Australia and Singapore.

Helena enjoys combining useful and cheerful – creating things that both serve and delight people. When she is not creating something, she is exploring places and phenomena, studying German and psychology, being with friends and family, hiking in nature or drinking coffee.

This photo was taken in Braunwald where we did a day trip last winter as a family. A sunny, happy day.


I would ♡ to hear from you. Send a message if you have any questions, collaboration thoughts or if you want to chat over virtual coffee.

““You only are free when you realize you belong no place
— you belong every place — no place at all.”

Maya Angelou