Abroadland is about looking at this world with awe and curiosity, while building a home within to carry with.

This idea manifests itself in
‣ Visual stories like blog posts and cartoons
Products like books, wall art and apparel
Services like illustrations and creative concepts

Abroadland started with an idea of the space you enter when you move abroad and start living between cultures. You’ll get to various situations, people and places, and go through many changes and challenges. Sometimes it feels like living multiple lives in one lifetime! And sometimes you don’t even need to move abroad to go through big changes and to have the curious mind of an explorer.

“You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all.”
― Maya Angelou

The first concrete thing from Abroadland was the book ‘Greetings from Abroadland’ about life overseas as a family. During the years there has been more realizations from Abroadland – and maybe we could create the next one together!

The author/founder

Helena Jalanka is “a designer, foreigner, mother and many other”. She comes from the land of thousands of lakes and reindeer – Finland, and currently she lives in the land of chocolate and cheese – Switzerland, with her husband and their two sons.

She loves to combine fun and functional – to make things that delight and serve people. When she is not working, she is drawing, reading, learning German, being with friends and family and hiking in nature. And drinking a few cups of tasty coffee.

“My favorite landscapes are the Nordic archipelago, tropical islands, rain forests, Alps and Australian beaches. So basically all the places where nature surrounds you and you feel more connected to it.”

You can find more information about Helena on the website:

Family’s journey in a nutshell

Helena, her husband and their two sons (now 6 and 12 years old) live currently in Switzerland. The family has been abroad since 2011 experiencing:
• 4 intercultural moves across the continents: Finland -> Australia -> Singapore -> Australia -> Switzerland and living in 12 homes in different locations.
• Working as an employee, contractor, freelancer and volunteer, studying and being a stay-at-home parent abroad.
• Primary schools in three countries – both international and local schools, day care in four countries and having nannies from two additional countries.
• Having a baby abroad
• Many travels
• Moving independently and once with the help of a company, and moving with only suitcases and once having some of the belongings shipped. Also, moving to a new country and continent with two weeks’ notice.
• The challenges that come when one of the parents works in another city or travels a lot.
• The difference of living in a country where you know the local language vs one where you don’t.

“I hope you enjoy what Abroadland has to offer and I wish you a delightful day, wherever you are!”

Here I’ve just done a long hike in the mountains – feeling happy!


I would ♡ to hear from you!

If you have any questions, collaboration thoughts, or if you just want to chat over virtual coffee – please do send a message below, or to hello[at]

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