LiTTErature is a collective, growing artwork of litter we’ve seen and picked up to improve the environment and set a positive example.

Edited on 1.9.: the dates related to the Giveaway

Send your litter photo + your name & location to or DM @abroadland on IG

To participate, simply do this:

1. Go outside, find a piece of trash/litter and take a picture of it. Put the trash in a bin or recycling if possible.

2. Send the photo you took with your name (or nickname) and the location (country/city) to or DM it on Instagram @abroadland .
If you want your website or social media account to be featured, send their links too.
I’ll add your photo to this collective artwork and let you know when it’s been added.

You can win a personalized digital gift!

If you participate before 30.11. 2023, you will also enter a Giveaway Draw of two animated GIFs/Instagram stickers that I’ll create on a theme of your choice.

The animated image can be about brand or some other theme of your choice.

You can use the gif for example on your website, email signature and Instagram Stories (it will be available in the IG sticker library and on

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can skip the giveaway and just participate in the artwork – or order the gif as a gift for a friend.

Increase your chances to win by sending more photos:
1 photo = 1 ticket
2 – 4 photos = 2 tickets
4+ photos = 3 tickets

The winners of the animated gif images will be drawn and contacted on 5.12.2023.

Examples of GIFs

Let’s have fun and do something good for our environment together!