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What do a hike and a design project have in common, and how to prepare for both?

I love hiking and I love designing. Their processes resemble each other. Sometimes a hike or a project can be so simple that not much planning is needed, but if it’s a bit more demanding work/route, the journey might go as described below. Photo of me in the mountains taken by Mirta Kess The different…

Breathe in… Breathe out… Repeat

Breathing is the first and last thing we do here on earth. And there’s the whole lifetime between for us to learn to breathe better – in ways that improve our health and quality of life. Better breathing helps us to relax, sleep, digest, remember, focus, move… the list goes on. Fortunately, it’s never too…

25 ideas to brighten up the grayer days (that don’t look like these photos)

“What makes you happy in the rainy and dark autumn days?” a fellow nature-lover asked on Instagram. She mentioned photography and creativity as examples, and we agreed to make a list of things that bring us joy during this season. Of course, there is no one way to “do autumn”. Some take a more stoic approach, running in…

Clients say

“Helena is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she extremely creative and talented, she also has the rare ability to listen and understand a client’s need perfectly.” 

Katarina, Cockatoo Collection

The products I ordered arrived intact and well packaged. The recipient of the gift was very taken by the art print. She liked the idea of it as well as its execution. Thank you.”

– A customer who ordered art print products

“Helena is professional, engaged, took time to understand my vision and then used her creative prowess to deliver a fantastic result in the end. I would highly recommend working with Helena for your creative needs!”  

– Mariam Ottimofiore, Author of ‘This Messy Mobile Life’ & Writer at ‘And Then We Moved To’

Enjoy your day, wherever you are!

I captured this sunrise on an April morning in Uetliberg, Zurich. I had taken the first tram of the day, to get to the foot of the hill and then walked up to be on top around 6 am. I enjoyed the light show and a cup of cappuccino I had prepared at home, before continuing down to have a swim in the cold lake.

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