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A place between countries and a creative studio that brings ideas to life with visual stories, art and design. The works are empowered by nature, wellbeing and wanderlust.

Clients say

“Helena is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she extremely creative and talented, she also has the rare ability to listen and understand a client’s need perfectly.” 

Katarina, Cockatoo Collection

The products I ordered arrived intact and well packaged. The recipient of the gift was very taken by the art print. She liked the idea of it as well as its execution. Thank you.”

– A customer who ordered art print products

“Helena is professional, engaged, took time to understand my vision and then used her creative prowess to deliver a fantastic result in the end. I would highly recommend working with Helena for your creative needs!”  

– Mariam Ottimofiore, Author of ‘This Messy Mobile Life’ & Writer at ‘And Then We Moved To’


Diving Into the See of Wanderlust

The term Wanderlust originates from the German words wandern (to hike) and Lust (desire). Today it’s mostly used in connection with traveling – however, Wanderlust can have much broader and deeper meanings, and it can even serve as a life philosophy. Here are some examples of what and how. Upside Down artwork by Sibylla Walpen. The Bernese Alps in…

The ‘Stranger’s Freedom’ and 10 ways how it manifests itself

We know that life abroad comes with difficulties. For example, we may have limitations that the locals don’t have, and we may miss people from our country of origin and sometimes feel like we don’t belong. But the other, bright✨, side of the coin is the freedom the foreignness can bring (of course depending on…

Find a treasure trove beyond routines and achievements

Habits and goals can be the cornerstones for maintaining focus and moving things forward. However, nowadays we talk so much about them that we may forget there’s much more to life! If we are always doing things efficiently with goals in mind and our days revolve around rituals, we can start to feel exhausted, restricted,…


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Enjoy your day, wherever you are!

I captured this sunrise on an April morning in Uetliberg, Zurich. I had taken the first tram of the day, to get to the foot of the hill and then walked up to be on top around 6 am. I enjoyed the light show and a cup of cappuccino I had prepared at home, before continuing down to have a swim in the cold lake.

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