Looking at the world with awe while building a home within.

Abroadland in a nutshell

After moving from Finland to Australia in 2011 for my studies, I started drawing about life abroad. Some of the drawings were published in a book called Greetings from Abroadland. At that time, I also started designing Australian animal prints and creating nature-related photography.

Over the years Abroadland has evolved into a creative studio that makes illustrations, visual stories and designs for digital platforms and physical products, both independently and commissioned.

The interest in nature and wanderlust is reflected in the outcomes, and the visual style is often simple, fresh and joyful.

Abroadland can be seen as a place between countries, a place you can create yourself.

It’s about a mindset of looking at the world with awe while building a home within. 

Abroadland appreciates

‣ CONNECTION. Cultivating a good connection with yourself, with family and other people, with nature and animals, and possible other things you want to be in touch with.

CURIOSITY. Being interested in people and phenomena. Learning and developing.

EMPATHY. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Trying to understand different situations, personalities and perspectives. Treating everyone equally.

‣ ENVIRONMENT. Valuing and supporting the wellbeing of nature/surroundings. Finding more planet-friendly ways to do things.

POSITIVITY. Cherishing the sunny side of things. Facing the facts yet maintaining a positive attitude. Humour is seriously important.

UNIQUENESS. Celebrating differences. Instead of following every trend or piece of advice, creating your own lifestyle and path .

Maker in Abroadland

Hello! My name is Helena. I’m a designer, foreigner, mother and many other.

I come from Finland and now I live in Switzerland with my husband and two children. Previously we lived also in Australia and Singapore.

I want to use my experience to bring insights and smiles across the world.

You can often find me in forests, mountains or lakes. I walk, run, swim, take photos and listen to birds or books. My recent hobby is to grow potatoes and other plants on the rooftop.

I love to have fun with my family and friends and to explore places near and far.

Work & Education

Before working as a freelancer in Switzerland/Abroadland, I was doing print- and service design projects in Australia, and working as a digital designer in advertising & media companies in Finland. The clients have been from various industries, from big global brands (like DHL, Nokia and Coles) to small local ones.

I have a Master’s degree in New Media Arts & Design, a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and I’ve also done basic studies of Social Psychology.

Currently I’m learning German for example by creating cartoons and sharing them on Instagram and studying a course about Nature Wellbeing and Sustainability.

PS. I can clap my hands super loud so if you need a strong round of applause, I’m your person.👏 

What about you?

Who are you and what brought you here? I would be happy to hear from you.

Take a look at the services and portfolio to better see what Abroadland offers – maybe we can collaborate and create something cool together!

You can contact me by writing to hello(at)abroadland.com

Enjoy your day wherever you are,

Helena from Abroadland

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Photos from the journey

Feel free to be in touch on any questions and collaborations.