I’m happy that you’ve found your way to Abroadland!

When you move to a new country, you start balancing between your former and current countries – living in ‘Abroadland’. You’ll encounter various situations, people and places, and go through many changes and challenges. Sometimes it can feel like living multiple lives within one lifetime!

I, my husband and our 2-year-old son moved from Finland to Australia in 2011 for my six months studies. Almost eight years later and one family member more, we’re still abroad and what a magical journey it’s been! From Australia we moved to Singapore, from Singapore back to Australia and from Australia to Switzerland where we live today. So many hellos and goodbyes, homes, travels, projects, schools, hobbies, events…

I’ve been capturing some of the experiences into stories and drawings in the book ‘Greetings from Abroadland together with some wise words from intercultural experts, with the hope of giving inspiration and tips to other ‘abroadlanders’ out there.

Hop on board!



About the author

My name is Helena and I’m a designer, foreigner, mother and many other. I come from the land of reindeer and thousands of lakes – Finland, and currently I live in the land of chocolate and cheese – Switzerland.

My work background is in media and marketing, working as a concept and UX designer, and recently I’ve been focusing on visual storytelling. Here are examples of projects I’ve been doing.

Besides working, I like to be with my family, be in nature, read books and have coffee with friends. I’m also learning German by taking courses and drawing cartoons on “German for Mummies” Instagram account.

My favourite quotes at the moment is “I live, wherever I live.” by my older son.