Day 1 of a trip to Engadin: Buildings full of stories and horse riding along the rivers

Join me on a two-day trip to the eastern Swiss Alps!

The train travel from Zurich to Zuoz took about 2.5 hours, and was full of gorgeous views of mountains, rivers and towns.

Lake Walen, Heidiland, Klosters and other places passed by, until the train turned towards the valleys of Engadin.

River and mountain train window view in Switzerland
Train window view in Switzerland
Buildings in Zuoz old town, Engadin, Switzerland

I got off the train in Zuoz, an authentic Romanesque village where most of the population speaks German, Romansh being second (26 %) and Italian being third most common language.

The village is also a home to an international boarding school Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz.

I walked the cobblestone streets, admiring the old buildings.

Kapelle San Bastiaun in Zuoz, Switzerland
Kapelle San Bastiaun in Zuoz, built probably in the mid-13th century.

Zuoz, Switzerland
Zuoz, Switzerland

I was curious to have lunch at Restaurant Dorta – it’s not every day you get to eat in a building from the 16th century!

The original structures were erected in the 11th century but were set on fire by locals in a war in 1499, to protect the buildings from looting. Soon after, they began to rebuild.

Restaurant Dorta, Zuoz, Switzerland
Lunch in Restaurant Dorta in Zuoz, Switzerland

I was not only happy to eat, but also to see the different parts and details of the restaurant.

Restaurant Dorta, Zuoz, Switzerland
A ladder could be pulled up to repel robbers.

Old wooden floor in restaurant Dorta Switzerland

A few flower fields away from Zuoz is the idyllic village of Madulain with only 200 inhabitants.

I started walking there to be on time for my appointment with…

Fields and a way in Switzerland, Engadin
Horses in the meadow of Swiss Alps, Engadin

…this horse!

Via Engadin River Ranch, I had a relaxed and beautiful horseback ride along the turquoise river, up to the forest and back through the village.

In our group of riders, there was a woman who had fulfilled her dream of having her own horse and dog, and I was talking with a man who had lived in several European countries as well as in Asia and Africa. On travels, you can get to know inspiring people and stories!

Our route took about a bit less than two hours, which was already the perfect amount of time since my last ride had been quite exactly ten years ago on a trip in New Zealand. 

Buildings in Madulain, Switzerland
Old buildings in Madulain

Buildings in Madulain, Switzerland

I said goodbye to my friendly horse and walked back to Zuoz along the river.

River in Engadin, Switzerland
Swiss views

Rain clouds approaching the area. In the mountain valleys, the weather can change quickly.

Salad, bread, fruit and chocolate – this was the dinner I bought for myself from the supermarket.

Then I hopped on the train to go to my hotel, and had to remember to hit the stop button for the small station because otherwise the train would have passed it and continued to the next bigger station faraway.

I was so happy when I got to the peaceful hotel room. I placed my supermarket treasures on a little round table and opened the window – to see more horses! I enjoyed the food and the view, while listening to the rain I had just managed to escape.

To be continued soon…

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Photo poster of horses in the fields of Swiss Alps
Photo poster of horses in the fields of Swiss Alps

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