15 things I miss about living in Singapore

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words.”

There is still some winter left in Europe but I’m already excited about the spring and the green that comes with it…

I mind traveled back to the tropics and listed things I miss about living in Singapore:

  1. Swimming daily outdoors, all year round and without freezing.
  2. Eating out and outdoors. Lunches at the foodcourts and breakfast on the home. balcony.
  3. Fresh fruits
  4. Living in highrise buildings with hundreds of others from all over the world.
  5. Facilities and activities in the building: pools, playgrounds, BBQ, gym, yoga…
  6. Multiculturalism and open-mindedness (no one is a ‘stranger‘, anyone can belong).
  7. English/Singlish
  8. Lush greenery like palm trees
  9. Little lizards everywhere
  10. Tropical storms with loud thunder and heavy rains
  11. Consistency with weather and lenght of the day. Sun rises and goes down always at the same time.
  12. Simple garderobe: you only need light summer clothes all year round. Easy also with kids as there is no hassle with putting on clothes or thinking what to wear.
  13. Colourful outfits you saw and wore
  14. Lots of people = lots of services and things to do, also with kids
  15. Travel opportunities. The many tropical paradises nearby.

And then there are also all the personal moments and memories of the people, favourite coffee places, MRT stops, parties, travels, kid’s first day at school… Because of all of them, our time in Southeast Asia felt much longer than it actually was (a bit less than two years). It seems that it’s not so much about the actual minutes but what you do during them…

What are you missing from your previous living places?



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